Kenyan urban christian music

Pingu Za Ngono, the music album, is an expression of the bigger Purity & Freedom Ministry, which seeks to create a platform through music to declare sexual purity, healing and freedom from sexual addiction through Jesus Christ. It goes deeper beyond just entertainment and addresses the common struggles of young people such as pornography, promiscuity and lust among others with a clear aim of leading to an understanding and remedy from the word of God.

Sex is one of those topics that elicit a lot of excitement whenever it is mentioned, whether that excitement is out of the corruption of the mind or sheer curiosity is a subject for another day but it is only fair that we acknowledge the weighty emotions that go hand in hand with this subject.

Sex in our day has become simplified and common. You want it, have it! The pop culture promotes it, the movies and T.V sing along to the same mantra and the social fabric strengthens it with such wantonness that even the devil is excited.

What happened to morality and the fear of God? We live in times when people engage in sexual orgies as entertainment, swap wives, openly declare and celebrate unnatural sexual acts without a conscience. Refusing to conform or accept this status quo gets you labeled.

This is a ministry to the body of Christ by Patrick Irvine to declare sexual purity, healing and freedom from sexual bondage through Jesus Christ. The various expressions of the ministry include; A Music album, Music videos, Documentary, Written Material & Publications, Monthly Preaching/Speaking Events, Interactive Ministry Website.